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Following the phenomenal spread of the "Me Too" campaign on Facebook; to its relevant success, to the number of discussions that I see emerging around the subject of "sexual abuse" among women, but also men, the rising consciousness that awakens in each of us, while the new moon in the sign of balance, guides us to the greatest planetary healing ever, I'm inspired to offer this month a special promotion to all those who want to heal injuries, traumas, phobias, which are in one way or another linked to these sexual violence, which often have absolutely catastrophic consequences on the lives of the people who were the victims.

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This healing is essential to the changes we want to make to our new world, which is daily taking a new step towards freedom, self-expression and a growing heart.
So, whether you want to reconnect to your Inner Child to provide the amount of TLC needed, to make her/him understand that from now on, you will answer present when required, in order to protect her/him, or that you need to make an emotional clearing in relation to your perpetrator, so to find inner peace or even may you have any suspicions related sexual abuse that could have happened to you and that your subconscious in order to protect you, could have repressed, I invite you to contact me and make an appointment to settle all this once and for all!

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Hypnotherapy can reveal to you the causes of your problems, your blockages and free you from these pains, which since they are anchored in your deep self, only reproduce and attract the same tiresome and destructive situations.

You can also learn and integrate new patterns of communication, such as: listening to yourself and the other, exposing your limits, acting according to the laws of your heart, and also boosting your own self-esteem.

I offer you this month the session for 40 € only. So, do not hesitate! Do not be afraid ! Go for it and find your freedom!

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Californian Massage


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An enveloping massage that allows you to reconnect to the touch. During the 1960s, a therapy surfaced for couples who had lost their initial complicity. This so-called Gestalt therapy; hence the Californian massage has its source, and in addition to its properties to regain confidence in his body and that of his partner, also revives through its draining properties.

With the arrival also of the cold, what of such to offer a care to the touch soft and coaxing! It can be enhanced by aromatherapy and essential oils that are conducive to deep relaxation. 

It lasts between an hour and an hour and half. This month, I propose a session for € 45 instead of € 60.

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